Excercise! Excercise! Excercise!  Regular excercise with your pet promotes a healthier lifestyle for you both! It not only improves cardiovascular function, but also helps you to both maintain a healthy weight and supports good mental health for both the pet and owner, all while strengthening the human animal bond.



Learn how to socialize your pet properly-how to interact with the other animals and people, how to perform in various environments and during different social activities so that everyone is comfortable around your pet.

Every year National Pet Week falls during the first full week of May.  Its a time of the month that people in the world of animal welfare want to address ways in which you can improve the life of your pets by ensuring that you give them a lifetime of love! Here are seven days of tips that will help you to do that:



​Thanks to better care, pets are living longer now than they ever have before – but as pets get older, they need extra care and attention. Regular veterinary examinations can detect problems in older pets before they become advanced or life-threatening, and improve the chances of a longer and healthier life for your pet. Consult with your vet to find out what is 'normal' and what may signal a reason for concern about an aging pet. Give your pet a Lifetime of Love!


See the Vet! Many pet owners wait until their pet is visibly injured or ill before visiting the vet.  Pets can often hide or mask signs of illness so ensure that your pets receive regular checkups which are essential to catching health problems early.  Find a vet that you are comfortable with while your pet is in good health to establish a good vet/client relationship. Detecting health concerns early translates into better health for your pets and your pockets as well!


Emergency Preparedness

The reality is that emergencies do happen, so always be prepared and include your pet in the familys emergency plan when it comes to natural disasters such as hurricanes.  See this website for information on how to assemble emergency plans and kits that include a vairety of pets and animals. Always do your best to keep your pet out of harms way, but in the event they do have a medical emergency seek veterinary help as soon as possible.

the best care for your pets

Purrfect Pets


Choose the right pet for your lifestyle...give it a great deal of consideration BEFORE acquiring your pet. Consult with your vet to help you understand the importance of socializing your pet appropriately and how to provide proper health care for its lifetime.


Spay or Neuter!  Its the responsible thing to do...pet overpopulation is a major and ongoing concern in the Bahamas.  Talk to your vet anour when to have your pet spayed or neutered.  Avoid unplanned breeding by spaying or neutering and always consider adoption over purchasing a pet while pet overpopulation is still an issue.