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Grooming and Boarding

‚ÄčBoarding Services

At Purrfect Pets we provide boarding services for your small breed dogs and cats.  They are housed in comfortable enclosures with air conditioning and soft bedding and  will be provided fresh food and water daily.  Your pet will have the opportunity to be walked three times daily and interact with a caring staff to reduce their stress while away from home.  Appointments in advance are required to ensure availability of space and to confirm vaccination records. 

If you are having a flea or tick infestation at home please inform the staff at the time you book your appointment.  We will prefer for your pet to receive one of our effective and proven treatments for fleas and ticks prior to their arrival.  Also remember, when addressing infestations, you must not only treat the pet but also treat the environment!

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Here at Purrfect Pets we believe in pampering your pets with relaxing grooming sessions, soothing baths and toenail trims. Is your pet suffering from an abnormal skin condition? Consult with Dr. Johnson who can recommend one of our medicated baths to help alleviate their discomfort.

  See our list of grooming services below!

Grooming Services

  • Bath and Groom small : haircut,bath and dip, toenail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning $43.00
  • Bath and Groom Large: haircut,bath and dip, toenail trim, anal gland expression and ear clean $53.75
  • Mini groom small : shape up, toenail trim, bath and dip $26.88
  • Bath and Dip small: flea and tick bath and flea and tick dip $21.50
  • Bath and Dip Large : flea and tick bath and flea and tick dip $26.88
  • Medicated baths: $21.50-$26.88
  • Toenail trims: $10.75

Prices are VAT Inclusive

Diamond gettting a mohawk!

Charlotte grooming a pet

All pets must be brought  up to date with vaccinations prior to or on the same day of grooming appointments. Please call in advance to book your appointment today!

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